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“I did find my first experience quite an amazing one”. Sofia

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Classes and Workshops at The Place, 16 Flaxman Terrrace,
Euston/Kings cross. 6 tube lines

Regular Class every  Thursday, 7.30, Euston
Next 1st timer class at The Place 7 September , with Sue
Some of the group  meet before class in Costa first from 6.30 for hot drinks/catchup chat; look for  flyer on the table

8 October,  Sunday workshop with Gita, International Facilitator
Because I’m Worth It, an illuminating dance journey
into Identity and self-worth, see Workshops page

I took part in a discussion recently on Identity, fast forward 3m20 secs to hear me. https://www.facebook.com/mirela.sula.1/videos/10211608028823880/
Biodanza is the dance of life, and it puts heart right in the centre. This amazing, radical international system draws from  universal truths, and fuses  movement with dance , brain science, and fabulous world music to expand our natural capacities , to get more juice out of life.
Biodanza re-awakens our desire to fulfill on our genetic potential; teaches us how to connect, be in the present moment, manage our emotions, reduce stress, restore joy and peace of mind. It is the dan
ce  of connection, with yourself and with others, consciously aware; it engages  your life force, your spirit, your intuition, your emotions, your instincts, your humanity. Would you like more juice in your life? get more confidence?  release stress?  have peace of mind? make  new  friends?   be nourished and nurtured? It is truly a  one-stop shop,  best news ever  for people who dont have much time outside  work.

Biodanza is  nectar for the soul as well as the body. Euston class has been featured on TV (Channel 5).

Over 100,000 people are doing it all over the world. Check it out! Here’s a short  excerpt  from a video by the school in San Francisco


Its for everyone, because we are all human. Developed in Latin-America by  anthropologist/psychologist Professor Rolando Toro, it is an international, scientifically-proven system for transformation and rejuvenation, involving guided natural movements, creative and free dance, rituals and ceremonies, heart-felt connection and self-expression to wonderfully varied world music.

Positively No Steps To learn, so come and join us and dance your life .  To belong is a fundamental human need – Join the Biodanza tribe.
First-timers encouraged to come 1st  Thursday of the month, after that you can come any time.

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