About Gita

Dancing With Life
I have the honour and priviledge of having been  Chair of the IBF Biodanza Teachers Association in the UK 2013-2015).

I discovered Biodanza  in 2001. Through this amazing system I  experienced the joy of feeling alive inside my body, living in the present moment and also discovered the  rejuvenating power of music and movement. I fell in love with it straightaway and have been dancing it ever since.  It’s made such a difference to my life  that teaching became  an imperative. I wanted to share it with the world.aboutgita

I have been in the world of training and development for over 20 years, being a Chartered  Member of the Institute Of Personnel and Development, and have worked with 1000’s of people in many household name organisations and government departments.

My work has been shown on national televison several times, including BBC TV. I have been interviewd on radio to an audience of 1.5m

The training to be a Biodanza facilitator is rigorous and takes many years; my training has taken place in many cities, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Nice as well as London. I have also undertaken training with Rolando Toro, the global founder of the system.  I have led Biodanza workshops in many different environments and countries, (Thailand, Hungary, India, Israel) as well as presented at 2 World Congresses(Italy, Holland, Portugal); I now focus on workshops and events,  I am  trained to run several specialist applications of Biodanza, including the Minotaur, which works with the shadow, and Identity and the Four Elements. I am  a Didactic Teacher, and give supervison to student teachers.
I have demonstrated Biodanza at major shows at Olympia in London , including Mind Body Spirit Festival, Vitality show, Yoga Show.

Biodanza provides me with the opportunity to do everything I love, dancing, travelling, transformation and  socialising , all while making a difference to people’s lives. In my spare time I am a volunteer with a global life-coaching and transformation organisation, and conduct 1:1 conversations around the world.

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