Euston class is on holiday in August AND see below, and facebook link,  for special event on Saturday 26 August.

Classes every  THURSDAY  7.30/9.00 pm;  gathering in Costa from 6.30 for hot drinks and social chit chat(see location page), after class we go for pizza or a drink ; we are a very social group.. ..classes led by Sue James, qualified teacher, workshops led by Gita, International Facilitator.
  You can pay as you go £10 OR buy a discount card and you get a FREE class for every 4 paid for in advance; not compulsory to attend every week.
Concs £7 ( unemployed, disabled, full-time student)
Absolute Beginners class is  1st Thursday of every month ;If you’ve done Biodanza regularly before you are welcome any Thursday.
No Euston Classes in August, starts again 7 September; Riverisde event on 26 September is suitable for everyone,over 18, see facebook link.
The class is an experience, so jump in!
However I understand some people need to have knowledge, so if that’s you, read on….
The regular class is an on-going beautiful, creative, joyful, energizing and nurturing process of reconnecting with your body, heart and soul, and making heart connections with the people in the group. You release  stress and  tension  and completely forget the world outside for a while. Your  true essence re-emerges and is re-inforced, through the exploration of dance, new ways of being, moving, communicating, loving, expressing, experiencing each moment and each person  to the full, in the ‘now’, called a ‘vivencia’.

In the class, we put all our knowledge, fears, thoughts, opinions and beliefs to one side and re-connect to life and humanity from our hearts, trusting our inner wisdom. The main part of the session focuses on developing one of, or any combination of, the five lines of our genetic potential, Vitality, Creativity, Affectivity, Sensuality and Transcendence, and incorporating the four elements of earth, air, fire and water.

Vitality To connect with our vital, magnetic, source energy, our instinct for survival, for

Gita demonstrating

Gita demonstrating

breaking new ground, for claiming our right to live our truth.

Creativity To connect with our creative forces, our male and female
energies, to renew ourselves and create each moment from

Affectivity To recapture our natural warmth and connection with
others, with tenderness and protection, giving and receiving.

Sexuality To re-connect with our senses, experience pleasure in our bodies within defined boundaries.

Transcendence Transcendence is to go beyond the ego, to connect with
humanity, nature, the universe.

Wear comfortable clothes, and  avoid a heavy meal beforehand. Always bring a bottle of water. Anyone with injuries or aches and pains, or on medication should speak to the teacher before the class starts.

Single classes  £10,  Concession rate £7, block booking available at discount(not compulsory to attend every week) 
Biodanza, the dance of life, has been described as expressive dance, creative dance, heart dance, healing dance , soul dance, embodied consciousness, mindfulness in action, emotional intelligence embodied etc.  Its a much needed tonic for our lives.
It’s fun, it’s social and great for your well-being.
Biodanza participants report increased vitality, fun, friendship, health and harmony !
Want a hug?  Need a hug?  –  they’re offered in abundance.
Dance with life.  Add life to your dance.  Add more life to your life !

Whether you know it as Biodanza, Biocentric Dance, Biodance, Bio Danza, Vital Danza or Heart Dance, come along and experience the amazing healing power of the vivencia.

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