Community Engagement

True to the values of the Biodanza System, harmony, connection, integration, we believe in empowering communities as well as individuals.

We now run a FREE monthly daytime class at City Business Library with a focus on embodying emotional intelligence, in the contect of non-verbal communication and the extant that our emotional states communicate messages that we are not conscious of. Contact us for details.

We have run a free Biodanza session at a fund-raising event for the WAVE Trust, a registered charity whose recommendations have now been endorsed by government and are being piloted in Nottingham.

“Gita, I want to thank you for your excellent organisation of WAVE’s biodanza  event – and not just because you raised over £1,000 for WAVE. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon, and the way you drew everyone into participation and having fun was just great. Also I appreciated the way you fitted so neatly around my presentation to the group, including the fact that I over-ran my time slot and put you under added pressure. No one would have guessed from the skilful way you adapted. A fun  event and well worth while. Thank you!”

George Hosking
CEO, Wave Trust

Gita & George

Gita & George

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