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Embodying Emotional Intelligence
Do you wonder why after a lot of training people often dont seem to  exhibit the behaviours and attitudes required by their organisation? Thats because in the past, little was known about how the brain processes and applies knowledge. Information that’s simply downloaded is stored in the Cortex, the memory bank. Its not until its applied that new neuronal pathways are created in the other parts of the brain, the triune brain. Embodiment means just that, our process embodies new experiences  into the body’s cellular memory and new pathways  the brain, making permanent imprints. (Contact us to attend a free taster session in the City of London)

Additionally, it unlocks creativity and opens up new possibilities, new horizons. In an article in the Journal of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development(CIPD), James Traeger, Senior Consultant at Roffey Park Management Centre, said “Enlightenment in this context does not necessarily mean a moment of spiritual intensity, but more of a visceral comprehension. It combines gut instinct with a holistic consideration of detail and facts. As such the head rules with the heart, not over it…This does take the shape of didactic, classroom-style learning but more a growth in self-awareness….It is not simply about cramming ever more information into people’s head. If anything, it is the opposite – providing the space for people to reach inside themselves for the tacit wisdom that exists within, and the time to explore and enhance working relationships”.

Although the article quoted above is not about Biodanza,Biodanza and its creative processes  is a system that can create the environment for these ‘aha’ moments to occur. The different levels of connection, moving from self and ego to synchronisity with others, and trust within groups, raises awareness about mixed communication as bodies often move and operate in ways that may conflict with their stated self-beliefs and values. The benefits of the system is that it breaks down barriers between individuals and within groups, fostering constructive, collaborative work relationships, promoting healthy attitudes to conflict, improving communication skills,  and developing creativity in opening up new options.

Gita DemonstratingDrawing from the Biodanza system, modules can be incorporated into team building events, business planning workshops, ‘away-days’ , conflict resolution and communication skills workshops, diversity, personal awareness and other areas of organisational and personal development. Gita is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. She has worked in the field of personal development for many years, her work has been shown on BBC Televison and she has been a speaker at the European Commission on Mentoring. She previously worked with David Clutterbuck and was licensed to run the Springboard Womens’ Development Programme. She has extensive experience in developing and tailoring solutions to organisational needs. Her experience across sectors has raised her awareness on how the  values of different sectors  impact on the culture of organisations. She is a graduate of the Common Purpose programme, an extensive leadership development programme for decision makers.

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