Shall we dance?

Paul, Author of the poem

Paul Clarke, Author of the poem


Shall we dance?
Like angels on a pin-head?
Circle within circle,
Unity of purpose,
Crying Hallelujah,
While the organ swells,
To a whisper that only the bees hear,
As they make manna from the flowers.

Shall we dance?
In the wild disco?
Grooving our Saturday Night Fever,
Making the moves that clear the floor,
Opposition annihilated,
Spotlighted, awsome, synchronised, adulated,

Cheered back to the limo,

Gita with Rolando Toro, the creator of Biodanza

Gita with Rolando Toro, the creator of Biodanza

And onwards into the night.

Shall we dance?
On the beach?
Twirl in the waves,
And slip though the surf,
Leaving footprints in the sand,
From moment to moment,
Whenever the slate is swept clean,
We can begin again,
To leave our line in the grains.

Shall we dance?
To the stars?
Whirling in a galactic tango,
Pacing light across,
The Universe’s floor,
Waltzing though the supernova remnants,
Avoiding event horizons,
And gravity’s other snares.

Shall we dance?
And transform ourselves?
Leaving behind the old,
For a new future,
Alive with every breath,
Alive with every step,
Alive with every gesture,
Being with being?

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