More Biodanza

The words of Rolando Toro creator of the Biodanza system.


The crisis of our times seems a crisis in our way of perceiving, a crisis in our sensitivity.

Town dwellers in particular find themselves submerged under obligations and duties. They have to give in to an altered time dimension, due to acceleration: always more things to do, more tasks, which make them run against the clock.

Stress, the invisible enemy, is part of our life and takes so many names such as tiredness, irritation, anxiety, insomnia, depression etc. etc.Rolando-161x156

What quality of life can we have with such a doing mode, so fast and frenetic, so far removed from an authentic feeling mode? What quality can life have, without contact with the natural, organics rhythms?

What happened to our sensitivity that tells us when we need rest or more agility in our movements, when we need warmth and human contact?

We end up favouring intellectual knowledge and rationality, and lose our link with the heart of things and living beings.

The interest of Biodanza consists in inverting tendencies, as it seeks to give priority back to our corporal experience and sensitivity.

We can dance our own life in its uniqueness, in harmony with the others and with our environment. We can experience a vivencia of ourselves, living in the moment, dancing a harmonious relationship between nature. We can also abandon our self to the listening of our own perceptions and emotions.

Eating and sleeping, having money and a house are not our only needs, we also need friendship, love, joy and to be able to express and communicate.

What corresponds to our needs is what nurtures us: all those things that touch our heart and generate our gestures.

Biodanza – Rolando Toro System – produces natural gestures that enable us to recover our movement and the most sincere expression of our very selves.

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