“I’m doing really great and I feel a massive shift inside me and that was next level I need in my life right now…
I want others people to have this awesomeness the I had and I shared with some friends and some of them said next time they loved to come.” SC August 2017.

“I had a great time , I went with no expectations and felt amazing afterwards…even the following day I felt like dancing…major release has come after that…..” Flori

“Wow, that was something amazing” Finnola

“It was realy fantastic…Gita, thank you for your wisdom, your knowledge and your sensitivity” Teresa Garfield

“Thanks for a wonderful workshop yesterday, Gita. I am still feeling great this morning. All loved up, soft, vulnerable and gooey.!” T.L
“I am very thankful that I was able to partake. It was also very special to make the deep connection that I did. A first for me at Biodanza so another part of my Biodanza growth & journey.” J.E

“For the past 8 years, it felt like I had been in an incubator. When I found Biodanza, the lid came off and set my spirit free to dance with life.” Rosie Murphy

“What happened to me was that …..I became open to love, I fell in love with myself” sue

“When I attended my second Biodanza workshop, I had no idea what was in store for me.  I did not hear the opening comments and introductions, so through the workshop I was not aware of the content and intentions. During the workshop I thoroughly enjoyed dancing with different people, and I felt deeply connected to the other participants as the workshop progressed.”

“The following day, at a bus stop, a young extremely attractive young man gave me an immense smile, and I gave him the same warm smile back.  I was approached  by him as I got on the bus, and what transpired between us was the beginning of a profound relationship. Not unusual you may think, but this continued all through the day, I had a free ride home from a taxi driver, who said my smile had stopped his cab.”

“What happened to me was this, for the first time in 8 years I was open to love, and open to receiving love from someone.  I was quite happy being single and I have no idea how, or what happened during this workshop (which was I found out later, about opening your heart to love), but what I am sure about is that during the day of the workshop I fell in love with myself, I became present to my uniqueness, my own beauty.  This light shone into my life, and as a consequence is shining into others lives. Long may this continue?”
Sue James

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