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18 March, Music Voice and Percussion, 2-7
This workshop Music, Voice, Percussion, works best if you’ve done Biodanza before. Join us for a special workshop when your voice as well as your body will have space to stretch and expand, get those tonsils dancing, those atoms will vibrate like never before.

This extension of Biodanza taps into  the unconscious, the vibrational body to create resonance and be in the flow of the universe .And the method is, of course , biodanza’s unique blend of fun and profoundness.

You can expect, fun, play, dance, sing-a along, the harmonious sounds of  your own voice combined with others, minus music and with music, sound healing, the breath of life, sacred sounds, chants etc. Paul Fielding will provide a short gongbath

Bring whatever percussion instruments you have, or can borrow, or make; last time someone  made marracas with coffee beans inside a paper cup!

Bring food to share in the break.

Gita has been teaching Biodanza for over 10 years, in the UK and abroad, and has presented at several World Congresses, as well as on  UK TV and at Olympia at various shows.

The Place, 2-7, gather in Costa from 1.15 for hot drinks. £40, early bird £35 if booked by 5 march. Regulars please pay into bank account, others please contact me for payment details.

I took part in a discussion recently on Identity, fast forward 3m20 secs to hear me.









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