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Next workshop 19 November: Re-Source Ourselves – Plug Back In

In winter its very easy for our vitality level to take a nose-dive, specially with the lack of sunlight to boost us. Its easy to feel disassociated, disorientated and even depressed. Its is a time for reflection, for returning to the bowels of the earth, to re-connect to source, for nourishment, to literally plug ourself back in to that magnetic field, re-charge our batteries,  to sustain and replete us,  to take us through the dark nights of the soul. We dont have to wait for the seasons to change to put a spring in our step!
Biodanza’s unique approach of fusing play with profoundness will be our tried and tested methods.The Place , 2-7 with a break halfway to feed our bodies as well as our souls! Meet in Costa beforehand from 1.15, otherwise at venue 1.55. We socialise after the workshop as well…£35 early bird if booked by 12 Nov otherwise £40; contact for payment details.

Gita has led workshops in Italy, Portugal, Israel, Holland, Hungary , India and Thailand as well as facilitated open classes at Olympia for various shows.

Meet in Costa(Euston Road) for hot drinks and catch-up chat from 1.15, otherwise meet at venue 1.55  mobile 07889 531667

We finish at 7, then continue socialising somewhere else.

2018 Dates: 28 Jan, 18 March

I took part in a discussion recently on Identity, fast forward 3m20 secs to hear me.









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